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Overview: information in other languages

Overview of information for foreign companies and workers produced by Arbejdstilsynet - the Danish Working Environment Authority.

In order to make it easier for foreign companies and workers to comply with Danish regulations, the Danish Working Environment Authority has produced a number of information materials in other languages. The subjects covered are among others inspection, the Register of Foreign Service Providers (RUT), H&S risk assessment and safety in the construction industry.

Below you will find links to the information materials (pdf or webpage) as well as an overview in schematic form of the information available in each language.

Information in other languages


Accommodation in Denmark
Крыша над головой (A roof over your head)


Important rules, inspection and self-service

Дополнительно о Реестре иностранных поставщиков услуг (RUT) (Notification to the Register of Foreign Service Providers)

Надзор за иностранными компаниями (inspections of foreign companies)

Соответствующие решения для самообслуживания (selected self-service solutions)

Safety in the construction industry

Защита от асбеста (Protect yourselves against asbestos)

Обезопасьте себя с помощью средств индивидуальной защиты (Protect youselves with personal protective equipment)

Техника безопасности при демонтаже/сносе строительных конструкций (Safety during demolition)

Правила техники безопасности при выполнении земляных работ (Safety during excavation work)

Правила техники безопасности при выполнении­кровельных работ (Safety during roof work)

Техника безопасности при проведении монтажных и других работ с применением строительныхлесов (Safety when erecting and working from scaffolding)

Техника безопасности при работе в зданиях с материалами, содержащими олихлорбифенил (Safety when working in buildings containing PCBs)

Техника безопасности при работе на лестницах (Safety when working on ladders)

Сигналы для работы с кранами (Signals when working with cranes)

Overview of Information available in each language

 Important rules, inspections and self-service

Title/Language  DK  DE EN ES IT LI PL PT RO RU
A roof over your head  x  x  x    x  x    x  x
Health and Safety Risk Assessment    x  x      x  x      
Inspections of foreign companies x   x x x x   x x x
Notify the Register of Foreign Service Providers (RUT)    x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x
Relevant self-service solutions x   x x x x   x x x

Safety in the building and construction industry

Title/Language  DK  DE EN ES IT LI PL PT RO RU
Take no chances with your safety  x  x x  x  x  x  x    
Personal protective equipment  x  x    x  x  x    x  x
Protect yourselves against asbestos  x  x    x  x  x    x  x
Protect yourselves against PCB  x  x    x  x  x    x  x
Safety during demolition  x  x    x  x  x    x  x
Safety during excavations   x  x    x  x  x    x  x
Safety during roof work  x  x    x  x  x    x  x
Safety when working on ladders  x  x    x  x  x    x  x
Scaffolding work safety  x  x    x  x  x    x  x
Signals for working with cranes  x  x    x  x  x    x  x

 Trip and slip accidents, fact sheet

Industries/Language DK  DE EN ES IT LI PL PT RO RU
Bricklaying and masonry x x x       x      
Carpenters and joiners x x x       x      
Electricity x x x       x      
Goods transport x x x       x      
Plumbers x x x       x      
Last updated: 27-10-2021