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Take no chances with your safety on the construction site

Workplace safety is the responsibility of both employers and employees. Read more about employer obligations and what the employee needs to do.

The responsibilities of your employer

Your employer is responsible for ensuring that you can work on the construction site safely. Among other things, your employer must ensure:

  • That the construction site is organised so that there is no risk of falling or structural collapse as well as falling due to changes in levels.
  • That machinery, scaffolding and other technical equipment can be used safely.
  • That you use a hard hat, safety shoes and other personal protective equipment whenever it is unsafe to work without.
  • That you use suitable technical equipment when you are to lift
    and move heavy materials.
  • That you have been trained and instructed so that you know how
    to work without risks.
  • That there is effective supervision that you and your colleagues work safely and follow the instructions you have been given.

Your obligations on the construction site

As an employee on a construction site, you must help ensure that working conditions are completely safe. Among other things, this means:

  • That you should notify your employer or health and safety representative if there are problems on the construction site which you and your colleagues are unable to solve.
  • That you should use the protective equipment that you have been supplied with.
  • That you should use the machinery, scaffolding and other technical equipment in accordance with the instructions for use. For example, you should not remove safety guards from a machine.
  • That you should follow the instructions you have received from your employer.

Take no chances with your safety

Accidents due to falling

  • Only work at height if you are secured against falling.
  • Do not carry anything in both hands when you are climbing ladders or steps.
  • Watch out for clutter on the construction site.

Accidents because things fall or slide

  • Keep an eye on materials which could topple over, for example if they are hit by a machine or blown by the wind.
  • Make sure that your materials and tools cannot fall down (e.g. from scaffolding or a lift) and hit people working below.

Accidents with tools

  • Be careful when you use sharp or pointed tools, e.g. circular saws, angle grinders and knives.
  • Follow the instructions for use for each tool you work with.

Accidents due to lifting and carrying

  • Always use suitable technical equipment when you are to lift and move materials and machinery.
  • Avoid oblique lifting and uneven surfaces if you have to handle lighter loads.
  • Do not lift a load without knowing its weight or centre of gravity.

Accidents on internal access ways

  • Watch out for yourself and your colleagues when you use trucks, cranes and other vehicles.
  • Make sure that materials are correctly loaded.

Get help from Arbejdstilsynet

You can contact Arbejdstilsynet if your employer fails to observe the health and safety rules.

Arbejdstilsynet supervises health and safety on construction sites in Denmark.
You can contact Arbejdstilsynet if you believe that your employer is failing to observe the health and safety rules. You have a right to remain anonymous. This means that neither your employer nor your colleagues will know that you have contacted us.

You can contact Arbejdstilsynet on tel. 70 12 12 88, email or complete the digital complaint form (in Danish) on the website.
Digital complaint form (in Danish)

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