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Prevent slipping and tripping accidents

Falling over and so-called “trip and slip” incidents are the most common cause of accidents at work. Trip and slip incidents are often trivialised, but are actually to blame for every fifth accident in Danish workplaces.

Trip and slip accidents typically result in broken arms and legs, serious sprains and sometimes head injuries.

Often, it is simple everyday things which cause staff to trip up or slip, such as liquid on the floor, mess, uneven surfaces and holes. There is an increased risk of trip and slip incidents when on steps or stairs, carrying something, getting in and out of vehicles, when busy, when the lighting is poor or when an employee is paying attention to the task in hand but fails to see something that might cause them to slip or trip up.

The most important WEA Guidelines

Floors and the risk of falls, WEA Guideline (in English)
These guidelines are about why people fall over, including slip and trip incidents, as well as how to reduce the risk of falling over.

Preventing the risk of accident by keeping good order, WEA Guideline (In Danish)
These guidelines provide information about how to ensure increased safety by keeping good order and being tidy. These guidelines also focus on a number of risk areas, in which it is particularly important that there are good standards of order and tidiness.

The most important Executive Orders

Conditions at Permanet Places of Work, Executive Order 96, 2001, as amended (in English)

Construction and building work, Executive Order 1516, 2010, as amended (in English)

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