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Do you have questions about health and safety?

When a foreign company or employee is going to work in Denmark many questions can arise. Arbejdstilsynet – the Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA)– will happily answer questions concerning workplace health and safety.

The Danish Working Environment Authority - Arbejdstilsynet - is the Danish liaison office and coordinates the tasks of informing foreign employers and employees about the regulations for posting to Denmark. Besides this it is primarily questions about health and safety, the Call Center of the Danish Working Environment Authority can help you with.

Call Center service for foreign companies

The Danish Working Environment Authority has a special call center service for foreign companies. Here you can obtain advice in English about Danish working environment regulations and answers to any questions you may have about working environment in general, whether relating to e.g. chemistry, psycho-social work environment, accident prevention or ergonomics.

In principle, all questions are answered on the spot. If your question is complex, the Danish Working Environment Authority may have to investigate it further and get back to you later with an answer.

The Danish Working Environment Authority can also give you advice about the rules for notification to the Register of Foreign Service Providers (RUT).

Please read the frequently asked questions below before calling.

Questions and answers about RUT

You can complain about your working environment

Anyone can submit a complaint to the Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) if they suspect that a company is not complying with working environment rules. This also includes cases where you or a colleague are being subjected to bullying or sexual harassment.

You have the right to anonymity, and will always be treated anonymously in connection with inspection visits and the subsequent case management.

A complaint about poor working environment conditions does not automatically result in an inspection visit, as it depends on an individual assessment of every incoming complaint. You will not receive any notification on whether your complaint has or will result in an inspection visit.

How to complain

You can complain about the working environment at your workplace by sending an e-mail or calling the Danish Working Environment Authority’s Call Center. 

The Call Center can be reached on 70 12 12 88 (Press 9 for English).


Contact information for other authorities

Here you find the public authorities you should contact with issues Arbejdstilsynet can not help you with:

Evaluation of fire safety measures
Danish Emergency Management Agency, tel. +45 45 90 60 00

Building electrical installations/power tools 
Danish Safety Technology Authority, tel. +45 33 73 20 00

Crime and traffic
Danish National Police, tel. +45 33 14 88 88

Foreign business conditions
Danish Business Authority, tel. +45 35 29 10 00

Danish Standards, tel. +45 39 96 61 01

Contact the Call Center service for foreign companies

The Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA)

Tel. +45 70 12 12 88
Press 9 for English

Telephone hours:
Monday - Thursday: 8 - 15
Friday: 8 - 14