Do you have questions about health and safety?

When a foreign company or employee is going to work in Denmark many questions can arise. Arbejdstilsynet – the Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA)– will happily answer questions concerning workplace health and safety.

Arbejdstilsynet is the Danish liaison office and coordinates the tasks of informing foreign employers and employees about the regulations for posting to Denmark. Besides this it is primarily questions about health and safety, the Call Center of the Danish WEA can help you with.

Arbejdstilsynet’s Call Center can help with the following

The Danish WEA – Arbejdstilsynet – can answer questions concerning the entire working environment area. For example, on chemicals, psychological working environment, accident prevention and ergonomic conditions. You can also contact Arbejdstilsynet to complain if you suspect a company has violated health and safety regulations.

In general, all enquiries receive an immediate response. If your enquiry is complex, Arbejdstilsynet may need to investigate further before returning with an answer.

If a company currently has a specific case with Arbejdstilsynet, you can ask to speak to the inspector or the legal superviser handling the case.

Arbejdstilsynet cannot help with the following

Here you find the public authorities you should contact with issues Arbejdstilsynet can not help you with:

  • Evaluation of fire safety measures: Danish Emergency Management Agency - tel. + 45 45 90 60 00
  • Building electrical installations/power tools: Danish Safety Technology Authority + 45 33 73 20 00
  • Crime and traffic: Danish National Police - tel. + 45 33 14 88 88
  • Foreign business conditions: Danish Business Authority - tel. + 45 35 29 10 00
  • Standardisation: Danish Standards - tel. + 45 39 96 61 01