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Remember to notify RUT

Foreign businesses are obligated to report to the Register of Foreign Service Providers (RUT). Failure to report may result in a fine.

Report a work accident

If an employee suffers a work accident, the employer must report this to the Danish authorities.

How to report a work accident

Work Safely

Are you going to do excavation, demolition or work at height? Make sure you know the safety rules before you start working

Report back to Arbejdstilsynet

A company, that receives an improvement notice must report back to the Authority, how the problem has been solved.

How to report back to Arbejdstilsynet

Pay levels in Denmark

In Denmark pay rates are determined by collective agreements. See the pay levels in selected sectors here.

Apply for recognition

In some cases, posted workers may need to have their qualifications recognised before they can begin working.

Apply for recognition

Call center service for foreign companies

Do you have questions about the Danish rules on health and safety? Or do you need to know, when to notify the Register of Foreign Service Providers (RUT)?

The Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) can help you.

Call us Monday to Wednesday 8 - 15, Thursday 8 - 18, Friday 8-14 on +45 70 12 12 88.

Rules for companies working in Denmark

Read about your rights and duties, the Register of Foreign Service Providers (RUT), health and safety requirements etc.

Read about the rules

Rules and rights when working in Denmark

In this leaflet you can read about some of the most important rules and rights you need to know about when working in Denmark.

Read about rules and rights

Most used self-service and guidelines in Denmark

Business in Denmark is the digital gateway to the public sector in Denmark. Here you will find self-service and key guidelines.

Business in Denmark