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Remuneration of posted drivers

Foreign hauliers conducting cabotage with goods or passengers and the initial or final road leg of combined transport in Denmark must remunerate their posted drivers with a minimum hourly rate.

The minimum hourly rate is established on the basis of the wage provisions in the national collective agreements entered into by the most representative parties on the labour market in Denmark.

Minimum hourly rates from 1 January 2024

The minimum hourly rate for the remuneration of drivers who perform cabotage with goods or passengers and/or the initial or final road leg of combined transport is DKK 180.47.

The minimum hourly rate for the remuneration of drivers who conduct bus cabotage is DKK 185.33.

The next regulation will be in march 2024 as adjustment follows the time points for wage rate adjustment in the most representative collective agreements.

What does the minimum hourly rate consist of?

The wage elements included in the calculation together constitute the minimum amount that a Danish employer must pay a driver in a comparable situation

The minimum hourly rate includes universal wage elements which are paid regardless as to when in the day or week the hours are worked. These elements consist of basic pay, driving premium, special savings and holiday savings.

Nuisance compensation paid in connection with work during unsociable hours, export work, illness, paternity leave, overnight work and work on public holidays plus special personal qualification supplements are not included as these elements are paid in connection with specific circumstances.

Collective agreements

Transport collective agreement for drivers, moving workers, cross-border driving and refuse collection (PDF in Danish)Transport and Logistics Agreement (in Danish)

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