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Holiday rules for posted workers

As a posted worker in Denmark, you are covered by the holiday rules that apply in your home country. The length of the holiday and your holiday pay are, however, determined by the Danish Holiday Act if the Danish provisions are more favourable.

How much holiday are you entitled to?

As a minimum, you are entitled to the length of holiday and pay that apply according to the Danish Holiday Act. If the holiday scheme in your home country is less favourable than the Danish Holiday Act, you may accumulate additional paid leave during your posting in Denmark. Such additional paid leave must be taken in accordance with the holiday rules that apply in your home country and not in accordance with the Danish Holiday Act.

How much paid leave do you accumulate?

When employed in Denmark, you accumulate 2.08 days of paid leave per month of employment during the year of accumulation, corresponding to five weeks per year. If you accumulate less than five weeks of holiday per year according to the rules in your home country, your employer must grant you the additional days so you get a total of five weeks.

Whether you work full-time or part-time has no influence on your holiday accumulation.

Do you receive your normal pay during holidays or a holiday allowance?

The payment for accumulated holidays can be either your normal pay or a holiday allowance.

Workers who are hired on a monthly basis and entitled to full pay on public holidays and during sick leave are also entitled to pay during annual holidays. The amount paid during holidays is the usual salary as applicable at the time of the holiday. In addition to the normal salary, such workers also receive a holiday bonus. The holiday bonus is 1% of the salary received during the year of accumulation.

Other workers receive a holiday allowance corresponding to 12.5% of the salary received during the year of accumulation.