Notifying the Product Registry of the importation of hazardous chemicals

All companies that import hazardous chemicals for commercial use in Denmark must notify the Product Registry of the products. Following notification, products are assigned a PR (product registration) number that must be attached to the packaging and the safety data sheet for the product.

The Danish WEA, Arbejdstilsynet, requires that companies and contractors who import or carry hazardous substances or materials into Denmark for professional use must notify the Product Registry of the products. This also applies if a company brings hazardous chemical products for its own use into Denmark. Notification must take place at the latest one month after importing the product to Denmark.

When must the Product Registry be notified?

The Product Registry must be notified of a chemical product when it:

  • is hazardous, typically when labelled with a hazard symbol
  • will be used professionally in Denmark
  • is imported or produced in amounts over 100 kg per annum.

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How to notify the Product Registry

Notification to the Product Registry can be done via a special form or via the electronic notification system, PROBAS. 

Notify the Product Registry of a hazardous substance – digitally or by notification form

What information must the notification contain?

  • The name and address of the notifying company
  • The name and address of the manufacturer
  • Product trade name
  • Chemical composition up to 100 percent
  • The product's technical function
  • The branch/industry the product is used in
  • The product's hazard symbol
  • Product's physical state
  • The amount of product imported, either in kilogrammes or tonnes
  • The purpose of the import (resale or own use).

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After notification, products are assigned a PR number

When the Product Registry receives the notification it will be processed. The Product Registry will contact the company if information is lacking in the notification. When all the information has been obtained, the company will receive a PR (product registration) number. This is proof that the Product Registry has been notified of the product. If a company brings hazardous products from its home country, the PR number assigned will be for a limited period, usually one year.

What are the duties of an importer of hazardous products?

Companies that carry or import hazardous products to Denmark have a duty both to notify the Product Registry and to ensure that the notification is up to date at all times. When the product is registered it is assigned a PR number which the company must write on the product's packaging and safety data sheet. The company must inform the product Registry annually how much of the product has been imported.