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Taxes and VAT for foreign service providers

All foreign businesses providing services or selling goods in Denmark must register for tax and VAT. If you have foreign employees, you must be aware that different rules apply depending on the length of their stay.

Your business must pay VAT if it sells goods or services in Denmark. VAT is a 25% tax added to the price of the goods and services you sell. The VAT registration must take place no later than 8 days before your business starts up activities subject to VAT in Denmark.

The VAT registration can be done in connection with the registration in:
The Register for Foreign Service Providers (RUT)

Is your business subject to tax in Denmark?

This guide is for businesses resident for tax purposes or established outside Denmark with business activities in Denmark. The guide lists the rules on when you and your business will have to pay taxes in Denmark.

Is your business subject to tax in Denmark?

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