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Keep an updated list of contact details for employees in the RUT-register

In order to limit the spread of COVID-19 infection, you are required to draw up a list of contact details for the employees you have stationed or employed in Denmark.

Relevant contact details are telephone number, email address and Danish home address.

Service providers and their contact persons must be able to submit the list of contact details to the Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) if requested by the Authority.

It is important that the list of contact details is prepared in advance, so that it can be presented to the WEA without delaying any inspections. If the WEA contacts you by phone, you must also be able to provide the contact details within a reasonable period of time.

Failure to submit the contact details will be subject to a fine.

The details provided can be disclosed to other public authorities for the purpose of restricting the spread of COVID-19 infection.

The RUT (Registration of Foreign Services) register - Virk

Service providers contactinformation - Virk

Any questions?

Questions about the rules for notification?

Please contact Arbejdstilsynet, The Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA)

Phone hours:
Monday - Thursday: 8-15
Friday: 8-14

+45 70 12 12 88. Press 9 for support in English



Practical questions about the notification?

Please contact the RUT Support at the Danish Business Authority.

Phone hours:
Monday - Thursday: 8.30-16
Friday: 9-15

+45 72 20 00 36. Press 9 for support in English