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Avoid a fine – report your business to the Register of Foreign Service Providers

Businesses that work temporarily in Denmark must register the business and its services with the Register for Foreign Service Providers (RUT). Failure to report to RUT in full or in part may result in a fine from the Danish Working Environment Authority.

There are a number of requirements for reporting to RUT correctly. Among other things, it is important to comply with deadlines and to provide correct and complete information to RUT. The business and its services must be reported to RUT no later than when work in Denmark begins, and any changes must be reported to RUT no later than on the first day of work after the changes have become effective.

Risk of fines

If you delay in reporting or report incorrect or insufficient information, the Danish Working Environment Authority may fine your business DKK 10,000 or request the police to bring charges. The fine will be increased to DKK 20,000 if you repeatedly fail to report services to RUT.

In the last resort, if you fail to report a specific service to RUT, your business may be subject to daily fines until you report the service to RUT.

RUT is used by both authorities and trade organisations

It is important that you report the business to RUT because the register provides Danish authorities, employers' organisations and trade unions with access to information about foreign businesses. Danish authorities use the information to oversee whether foreign businesses are operating in compliance with Danish rules on the work environment and tax, for example.

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