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Do any special rules apply to the transport of goods?

The same rules apply to working with despatching and receiving goods as for all other types of job. This means that an employer has to determine whether there is a risk of employees being exposed to infection with the coronvirus. If this is the case, the employer must implement measures that may prevent the risk of infection as effectively as possibly.


What's unique about freight transport, is that three different bodies are involved in transporting goods from A to B: A sender, such as a freight terminal, a haulier and a receiver, such as a retail store.

That means that there are multiple employers involved who have to determine whether there is a risk of their employees being exposed to infection with the coronavirus. And that there are multiple employers who have to work together on the implementation of precautions to counter the risk.

The Working Environment Authority recommends that hauliers consult with senders and receivers of goods to follow the Health Authority's guidelines to reduce infection:

Infographic showing COVID-19 precautions

  • Plan loading and offloading to allow drivers and other employees to maintain a distance to each other.
  • Provide washing facilities and hand sanitiser for drivers and others at all relevant places.
  • Ensure that contact with others is kept to the absolute minimum. For example: drivers stay in their cabs to maintain a safe distance to other personnel during loading and offloading.
  • Give regular cleaning and sanitising of the cab higher priority.

The Working Environment Authority emphasises that it is generally the employer’s responsibility to make employees aware of any risks that may be connected to their work. The intention is to foster greater understanding between employees of the importance of protecting themselves from infection with the coronavirus.

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