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What can slaughterhouses do to prevent infection with the coronavirus?

During the corona crisis, fish, meat and poultry slaughterhouses can prevent infection of their employees by enhancing their hygiene procedures, which are already a part of food product safety at such plants.

It is vital that work is planned and organised so that it can be conducted safely. The same applies to preventing infection with the coronavirus. Therefore, the Working Environment Authority encourages employers to follow the Health Authority’s general advice regarding measures against spreading the infection:

Infographic showing COVID-19 precautions

  • Plan all work so that employees can maintain a distance between each other, e.g. by avoiding having too many working in a confined space at the same time
  • Provide washing facilities and hand sanitiser for employees at all relevant places, e.g. at entrances to the slaughterhouse they use.
  • Minimise contact with others, e.g. by not shaking hands, and maintaining a safe distance to lorry drivers when goods are being delivered or collected.
  • Give regular cleaning and sanitising higher priority, e.g. by frequently airing out a canteen

The Working Environment Authority emphasises that it is generally the employer’s responsibility to make employees aware of any risks that may be connected to their work. The purpose of this is also to create understanding among the employees concerning the importance of each individual protecting themselves from infection with the coronavirus.

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