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Prevent the infection of coronavirus during building and construction work

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is contagious for both indoor and outdoor work. Work at the Danish construction sites must be organised along the same guidelines that apply to other work environments.

It is important that the work at construction sites is organised to protect the employees against the risk of coronavirus infection. This applies to both indoor and outdoor work.

The Danish Work Environment Authority’s legislation requires that the employer must ensure that the work is planned and organised, so that it can be conducted responsibly, also in relation to Corona infection. Therefore, Arbejdstilsynet - The Danish Work Environment Authority - encourages employers to follow the Danish Health Authority’s general advice regarding measures against spreading the infection.

If the employees are sick, the project will be stalled – prevent the spread of infection at the construction site

The Danish Work Environment Authority encourages employers to follow the Danish Health Authority’s advice regarding the prevention of coronavirus infection – by the employers, with coordination from the developer’s work environment coordinator, ensuring the following at the construction sites:

Plan work sp that employees can keep a distance to each other. Make wash basins or hand sanitizer available. Minimise contact with others. Make regular cleaning a top priority

Plan the work, so that the employees are able to work while keeping a distance from one another

For example:
- Divide work stations between employees or companies at the start of the day
- Avoid having many employees working in the same room, so that they are able to keep a distance from one another

Make handwash or hand sanitizer available for employees at all relevant areas

For example:
- At the entrance to the construction site
- At break areas
- In dressing rooms and toilet facilities
- Encourage employees to wash their hands upon arrival to the construction site, as well as before and after breaks.

Minimise contact with others

For example:
- Stagger break times
- Organise clock-in and office hours at staggered times, so that employees can keep a distance from one another, in relation to e.g. getting dressed and eating
- Have breaks outdoors when the weather permits, or in the company car
- Use your own tools wherever possible
- Cancel meetings that are not urgent, or hold them via telephone or outside of the building
- Work from home whenever the task allows

Prioritise regular cleaning and sanitizing

For example:
- Clean or sanitize more regularly than usual
- Clean handles, surfaces and toilets several times per day
- Ensure that there is frequent ventilation in site offices, etc.
- Wipe tables between dining times
- Washtables and chairs in meeting rooms
- Do not forget the coffee machine or microwave

At construction sites with more than one employer, the developer's work environment coordinator must coordinate the companies' measures against the spread of infection in collaboration with the companies and their work environment organisation.

Building tasks in private homes

The rules for employees that conduct work in private homes are the same as for all other work roles. This means that the employer must assess whether there is a risk that the employees may be exposed to coronavirus infection from e.g. customers and residents. If this is the case, the employer must implement measures that may prevent the risk of infection as effectively as possibly.

The Danish Work Environment Authority encourages that companies follow the Danish Health Authority’s guidelines for minimising infection, including that the companies contact the customer/resident to clarify whether it is responsible to conduct the visit.

If someone in the home is infected, the Danish Health Authority recommends that one does not conduct the visit at the current time.

Inform and instruct the employees in how to limit infection

The Danish Work Environment Authority emphasises that it is generally the employer’s responsibility to make the employees aware of any risks that may be connected to the work. The purpose of this is also to create understanding among the employees concerning the importance of each individual protecting himself/herself from coronavirus infection.

Download infographics and posters on the prevention of infection

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BFA Bygge & Anlæg is the Sector Council on OSH in the building and construction industry.

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