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Industrial injuries and insurance - employer obligations

If you have a business with employees posted to work in Denmark you have a number of obligations in relation to injuries. For example, you are obliged to insure employees against work related injuries and to report any industrial injury to Labour Market Insurance if an accident occurs.

As an employer of employees posted to work in Denmark, you have a series of obligations in relation to industrial injuries. The two most important are:

  • Your obligation to take out industrial injury compensation insurance for your employees
  • Your obligation to report accidents

The obligation to take out industrial injury insurance

You must insure your employees against occupational diseases by registering with Labour Market Insurance and against industrial accidents by taking out insurance with an occupational compensation insurance company.

When you employ someone you must take out insurance for that person.

You are not obliged to take out industrial insurance for a person who works in your private household for fewer than 400 hours per year.

Reporting industrial injuries

As an employer, when you report an industrial injury, it will be your insurance company that bears the costs of the injury. That means that the insurance company pays the costs of processing the case and any eventual compensation.

Reporting work accidents

You are obliged to report all work accidents. An accident is an injury to a person caused by an event or exposure at work that occurs suddenly or within 5 days.

You must report injuries to your insurance company no later than 9 days after the injury occurs. Minor injuries, such as bruises, should not be reported.

Injuries that are not reported initially must be subsequently reported if the injured party has not resumed their usual duties in full no later than 5 weeks after the injury occurs. In which case you must report the injury no later than 5 weeks after the injury occurred.

Companies with a Danish CVR must notify occupational accidents digitally via EASY, which can be found at Virk.dk.

Notify an occupational accident via EASY (in Danish)

Foreign companies with no Danish CVR number can notify occupational accidents via special input to Virk.dk. The company’s RUT number must be entered here.

Notify an occupational accident as an employer with no CVR number (in Danish)

Foreign companies with neither CVR nor RUT number and members of the public can notify using a form.

Notify occupational accidents using a form


Fatalities that may have been caused by an industrial injury and fatalities that occur at a workplace must be reported to Labour Market Insurance within 48 hours. Call + 45 20 42 63 97

Reporting occupational diseases

As an employer you are not obliged to report occupational diseases.

If one of your employees possibly has an occupation disease he or she can consult with their own doctor to report it.

For employers an industrial injury case usually proceeds as follows:

1. The employee is injured and the injury is reported

When an employee is injured you as an employer are obliged to report the work accident if the accident means the employee is entitled to compensation under the Act on Workers' Compensation. This can include, for example, coverage of expenses for treatment, compensation for permanent injury and compensation for loss of earning capacity.

Occupational injuries must be reported through the electronic notification system, EASY.

Since July 1, 2010 it has been obligatory to make notifications electronically.

You may be fined if you fail to report an occupational accident.

Foreign employers who are not registered in the Danish Central Business Register (CVR) can request exemption from the obligation to notify electronically. The request for exemption is to be filed at the same time as the report at:

Report a work accident (pdf)

2. Labour Market Insurance process the case

As an employer you may be involved in processing the case as in some instances we may ask you to confirm some information. For example, that an employee has performed the duties described in the report.

As an employer, you are obliged to answer the questions you receive in relation to the case handling.

As an employer you are not usually a party to the employee's case and you do not therefore have the right of access to case documents.

3. Labour Market Insurance make a decision on recognition

When Labour Market Insurance send a decision to the employee, you as an employer will receive that part of the ruling that informs whether the injury is recognised as an industrial injury, i.e. whether the injury occurred because of the work or the conditions under which the work was carried out.

As an employer you have the option to appeal this part of the ruling.

As an employer you will not receive that part of the ruling that deals with any compensation and you cannot appeal any decision on compensation.

As an employer you have transferred the risk and liability to your insurance company in accordance with the Workers' Compensation Act. It is therefore the insurance company that is a party to the case and can appeal the ruling.

Fines and requirements for payment

If you are obliged to take out occupational injury insurance for your employees and register with Labour Market Insurance and fail to do this, you will be fined.

If you have not taken out industrial injury insurance and one of your employees suffers an injury, Labour Market Insurance will extend insurance coverage on your behalf. Afterwards you will have to pay compensation and the costs of the case to the injured party.

If you are under an obligation to report accidents and assist Labour Market Insurance in investigating the case and fail to do so, you will be fined.

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