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Selected self-service solutions

On this page, you can find a list of the most used self-service solutions related to working environment in Denmark.

The Register of Foreign Service Providers (RUT)

Foreign companies operating temporarily in Denmark must notify their company and services to the Register of Foreign Service Providers (RUT). The notification can be made in Danish, English, German or Polish. For road transport services, see below.Notify the Register of Foreign Service Providers (Danish, English, German or Polish)Read more about the Register of Foreign Service Providers

The Register of Foreign Operations in Denmark

Foreign transport companies performing cabotage of goods, the road part of combined transport or bus cabotage in Denmark must notify their journeys in the Register of Foreign Operations in Denmark. The notification can be made in English or Danish.Notify the Register of Foreign Operations in Denmark about road transport services

Notify work with asbestos

Work involving the demolition of asbestos-containing material inside buildings, ships, trains, machinery, etc. must be notified to the Danish Working Environment Authority before commencement. The same applies to other work that may involve exposure to asbestos.Notify work with asbestos

Notify a new construction site

Before the client commences work on a construction site, the site may have to be notified to the Danish Working Environment Authority. This applies to cases where the work is expected to last for more than 30 working days with at least 20 employees or when the amount of work is expected to exceed 500 man-days.Notify a construction site

Apply for recognition of qualifications acquired abroad

Posted workers who will be working temporarily in Denmark must possess the necessary qualifications to perform their duties. If qualifications in certain fields of work have been acquired abroad, they must be recognised by the Danish Working Environment. In other fields of work, it is simply the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the workers possess the required qualifications. Note that the qualifications must be recognised before the employee may start working.Read more about the rules for recognition and download the form

Report a work accident

Employers have a duty to report work accidents when they occur. This also applies to foreign employers temporarily performing work assignments in Denmark.
Companies with a Danish CBR number, must report work accidents digitally in the EASY reporting system.
Report a work accident in EASY

Foreign companies without a Danish CBR number can access a special reporting form via Business in Denmark and submit a report using the company’s RUT number.
Report a work accident: Employer without a Danish CBR number

Notify the Product Registry of hazardous substances

All companies importing or producing hazardous substances or materials for professional use in Denmark must notify the Product Registry of those products. This also applies if a company brings in hazardous chemical products for internal use in Denmark. You must submit the notification no later than a month after import.

Login to the Product Registry

Notifiy the Product Registry of import of hazardous substances

Submit a poison notification

Companies that produce, use, import or sell highly toxic substances and mixtures must notify the relevant authority of those substances or mixtures. The Danish Working Environment Authority’s mandate covers the production and use of toxic substances and mixtures, while the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s mandate covers the import and sale of toxic substances and mixtures. In both cases, the report must be submitted via a digital solution managed by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.Submit a poison notification

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