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COVID-19 testing - foreign employers and employees

Foreign employers, posted workers and self-employed service providers are offered testing on entry to Denmark or immediately after entry. Read more about the recommendations of the Danish authorities.

Foreign employers, posted workers and self-employed service providers are offered testing on entry to Denmark or immediately after entry. Read more about the recommendations of the Danish authorities

During the Corona crisis, out of consideration for business interests, unlike many other countries, Denmark has chosen to keep its borders open to everyone who comes to Denmark to work without imposing quarantine restrictions. On the other hand, workers and service providers are offered testing possibilities on entry or immediately after entry. Workers and service providers are advised to take a test if they have travelled from a high-risk area. You can see which areas are currently considered high-risk areas here:

Countries in the EU, Schengen and UK that comply with the COVID-19 infection criteria (in Danish)

The offer/suggestion includes tests relating to current infection status with COVID-19 and not antibody tests.

If you are an employer of workers posted in Denmark, you are advised to pass on this offer/suggestion, as well as assisting in the practical aspects of testing.

In workplaces where several employers work together, we advise the establishment of a common testing policy. For example, this might apply to construction sites where developers are advised to agree on a policy for testing at the construction site's safety meeting.

If you as an employee or service provider are offered a test at the border, we advise you to take the test. It is also possible to be tested without pre-booking an appointment at a mobile test station. During the summer period, they will pass through typical tourist areas. You can just show up. If you work at a larger workplace, the employer may, in the case of special requirements, e.g. if the workplace has many foreign employees from a high-risk area, also order a mobile test station that will come by and offer testing.

Workers and service providers who often cross the border to and from Denmark from high-risk areas should take a test every seven days, as recommended by the Danish Health Authority.

We advise each individual workplace to establish its own recommendations locally. These recommendations may also concern testing of people arriving from non high-risk countries, as the offer of testing applies to everyone.

If you have been in a high-risk country/region, the health authorities recommend that you self-isolate until 48 hours after taking the test. However, the recommendation does not apply to you if you travel back and forth daily or frequently, in which case the Danish Health Authority recommends you are tested every seven days.

You can inform your employees that they can read more about what to do on the Danish Health Authority's website if they experience symptoms or if they have been in close contact with an infected person.

Questions and answers on novel coronavirus and COVID-19

The practicalities of ordering tests and receiving test results

You should follow the instructions given to you by the staff who have tested you. The Corona Tracking authority will telephone you if the result is positive, i.e. if you are infected with COVID-19. If you have not been contacted by the Corona Tracking authority after 48 hours, your test result is negative.

If you have symptoms or are infected

You are advised to read the detailed questions and answers on the Danish Health Authority's website.

Questions and answers on novel coronavirus and COVID-19

If you have any symptoms, it is important that you self-isolate. If you need medical assistance, please do not visit your doctor without an appointment. Instead, you should contact your closest general practitioner during normal daytime hours. If you have moderate/severe symptoms, e.g. breathing difficulties, or your symptoms deteriorate, you can also call 1813/emergency doctor outside the general practitioner's opening hours.

Until you have received your test result, you should consider yourself as being infected (see below).

If you are infected

If you have been tested positively for COVID-19, you must call in sick and stay home. We recommend that you inform your employer that you are absent from work due to COVID-19, so that others you have been in close contact with can decide if they should be tested.

You should isolate yourself from others, including your family. If you live with colleagues, you should isolate yourself from them.

You can read more in the the Danish Health Authority's questions and answers in the above link, and go to the section ”On being ill with COVID-19 and on being tested”.

You must call Coronaopsporing (Corona Tracking) on tel: +45 32 32 05 11 in order for the authorities to help you trace your contacts.

In Denmark, we are introducing the possibility for municipalities to offer voluntary accommodation in an isolation facility, e.g. if you live with many people in a small area and/or without optimal room division. This applies to everyone in Denmark, including workers without a personal identification number.

As a worker travelling to Denmark, it may be relevant for you to make use of this opportunity, if you normally live in another country and, for example, normally stay with other colleagues. This leaflet will be updated with information once the scheme

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